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Plaster bulkheads are a very popular feature in many Canberran homes and buildings.

Ceiling bulkheads have three main uses, which may be a combination of the following:

  1. To conceal services- Wiring, air-conditioning, plumbing or structure.
  2. Change of ceiling heights.
  3. A stylish feature.

Bulkheads in the modern home truly are a stylish feature with almost unlimited applications. A bulkhead over a kitchen in an open plan setting, tastefully defines the area. A bulkhead with a recessed light feature looks amazing.

We at B&S Plastering have had extensive experience in plaster bulkhead projects. With over 200 shop fit outs to our name, when you are in a Canberra shopping mall have a look up and you are bound to see some of our work. Whether it’s a Straight bulkhead, curved bulkhead or a multi step bulkhead, B&S Plastering have done it all. This leaves you confident that it will be: DONE RIGHT FIRST TIME, ON TIME , ON BUDGET.

If you have some great bulkhead ideas, or want some, give us a call!

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bulkheads ceilings
bulkheads ceilings
bulkheads ceilings