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B&S Plastering have now entered into the home theatre fitout market!

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How many people put all of their effort and imagination into kitchens and bathrooms, leaving the rest of the house tired and style-less? Put some POW! into that room that you spend most of your relaxation and socialising time in!

We at B&S Plastering have recognised the void in Canberra home theatre when it comes to design and construct and now are offering full design and construct packages. From a simple TV recessed into a wall, to a full house soundproofed room with perimeter plaster bulkheads with ambient lighting and theatre style seating. With the ever shrinking thickness of LED television technology it is becoming more popular to recess the television into the wall, Thus hiding the unsightly television wall bracket and cables.

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With the home theatre design, noise reduction to the rest of the home should be high on the priority list. We at B&S Plastering can come up with a range of solutions to reduce noise transfer or sound proof your home cinema or other fittout project

We have had a lot of positive feedback with the Stealth brand concealed speaker system, which hides speakers, making them almost impossible to see.

We can supply a lump sum price including:

  • Plaster ceiling, wall, and bulkhead frame and sheet.
  • Acoustic rating.
  • Carpentry.
  • Data and electrical.
  • Joinery.
  • Painting.

... So you know how much it will be- TOTAL!

We refer local suppliers for hardware.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your home today.

If you have some great home theatre ideas, or want some, give us a call!

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