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If your home was built between 1975 an 1990, then there is a high likelihood that you will have sagging ceilings. Sagged ceilings are very common in Canberra. This is due to the techniques that were used in the sheeting of ceilings in this period. The former Australian Standards method was to use adhesive at the centre of the sheet and use a temporary cleat to hold the centre of the plasterboard (Gyprock) ceiling sheet until the adhesive took hold. This “adhesive only” method is the number one culprit of sagging ceilings in Canberra today.

With the new industry standards on ceiling installation, sagged ceilings are now a thing of the past.

Q. Is a sagged ceiling repairable?
A. Yes and no.
Yes- We at B&S Plastering have repaired hundreds of sagged ceilings and in our experience, less than 10%  are beyond repair.
Sagging ceilings can be repaired for as little as $385 per room (minimum of 2 rooms).

No. There are a few variables on this. Depending on the level of sagging that the ceiling has reached, it may be impractical to reattach the ceiling to the battens. If the ceiling cavity has the loose fill “Fluff” or “Rockwool” type of insulation, this MUST be removed prior to the sagging ceiling being repaired. Failing to remove the loose fill in the ceiling cavity will cause “Popped” screw heads, visible in the sheet face.

If the ceiling has had water damage, then it must be replaced.

Q. How can I tell if my ceilings are sagging?
A. A sagging ceiling will be most noticeable at night when the lights are on. You will be able to see one or more very visible lines running across the ceiling. Generally they will stop around 30cm from the wall/ceiling junction.

All repaired sagged ceilings will never be perfect. This is due to the sheets having a “memory” from being sagged. This causes a subtle wave in the ceiling surface between ceiling battens. Thereby, the longer a ceiling is left before the repairs are done the more prominent this wave effect will be.

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